It’s Time to Color Outside the Lines

Posted Thu, 08/01/2019 - 08:13

It’s National Coloring Book Day and we are celebrating by encouraging you to explore our digital, educational curricula or a downloadable coloring page. There are many benefits associated with coloring, not to mention the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art or an up-cycled card for a friend. So grab that scrap paper from the recycling bin or download a page from the NOAA Marine Debris Program website, and let’s get started!

Learning Styles and Marine Debris Activities
At the Marine Debris Program, we take learning styles seriously. When we create digital resources, it’s important that we create material that can be utilized by everyone! Although it’s open to debate, there are considered to be four learning styles: visual, aural (hearing), read/write, and kinesthetic (hands-on). Research varies on age and preference learning style, but overall, kinesthetic, or hands-on learning, tends to help people retain the most amount of new information. We use coloring activities as a way to engage youth in a visual and hands-on way of learning about marine debris. 

There are many of these kinds of activities available on our website that include both coloring and crafts. Download our magnet art project and make yourself something “refrigerator” ready!

A black and white drawing of a fish stuck inside a 6 ring soda can holder.
Just one of nine possible magnet designs found on our website.

Not all of us are ready to create a craft but would rather help someone else take advantage of learning about marine debris through an art project, an activity, or through reading more about it. Pictures can be interpreted in any language around the world. For example, you could explore an art museum and avoid reading the history of the artist or artwork, and yet still experience feelings and opinions elicited by the art. Therefore, art is a form of self-expression, especially at times when words fall short. With this in mind, if you’re an educator, you might choose to incorporate coloring into a lesson plan, as an ice-breaker activity, or to help a student to deliver a powerful message to an audience.

A drawing of three people cleaning up trash on a beach (Photo: NOAA).
A coloring book page from the Understanding Marine Debris: Games and Activities for Kids of All Ages book.

There are items available for learners of all styles and ages available at the click of a button and we’ve highlighted a few below. Pick one today and color yourself happy!

1)Understanding Marine Debris Games and Activities for all ages: all learning styles
2) Marine Debris Magnet Craft: visual, hands-on
3) Trash Talk Video: visual, aural (hearing)
4) Trash Counts Video: visual, aural (hearing)
5) Marine Debris Tracker App: read/write, hands-on, visual

There are many ways you can tap into the learning style that works for you or your audience by utilizing our resources. We hope that you take time to learn about the issues of marine debris, or teach others about preventing litter through one of our activities.