The Bow Seat Marine Debris Creative Advocacy Competition is Now Open!

Posted Wed, 10/04/2017 - 11:00

Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs is launching their second Marine Debris Creative Advocacy Competition! Funded by a NOAA Marine Debris Program Prevention grant, this competition serves as a fun and exciting way for students to actively take part in preventing marine debris by carrying out real-world projects.

How can I participate? This competition is for U.S. middle or high school students who care about the issue of marine debris and want to make a difference in their community. The challenge is to carry out a creative campaign on your school’s campus or in your local community. You can put together a team with a group of friends, your entire class, or take on the project by yourself!

Where should I start? Bow Seat’s website has many great examples, including last year’s winners, to get your creative juices flowing! You can check out the Competition’s webpage for information on how to enter and answers to any of your questions. Final project reports are due June 18th, 2018, but you should start and register early! Many projects will take some time to complete, so you don’t want to put yours off until the last minute. Winners will be announced in the fall of 2018 (and will receive some pretty great awards!).

Marine debris is preventable, and you can make a difference no matter where you live. So get creative and do your part by registering for Bow Seat’s Marine Debris Creative Advocacy Competition today!

A drawing of plastic bottles on a store shelf with fish in them and one being held with very cloudy and polluted water.
"Message in a Bottle" by Jessica Yang. (Credit: Bow Seat)