4 Ways to Declare Independence from Debris

Posted Fri, 06/30/2017 - 11:00

The Fourth of July is coming up next week and if you’re lucky, you’ll be celebrating for the long weekend! As you enjoy the holiday and the summer weather, make sure that you’re thinking not only of our country, but also of our environment and what you can do to keep your celebration debris-free.

Take some of these tips into consideration when planning your festivities:

1.) Celebrate responsibly. Handle fireworks with care and dispose of them properly. Think twice before releasing balloons as part of your celebration—they can cause a tangled mess.

2.) Avoid unnecessary single-use products like many plastic items and work to reduce your trash footprint. Bring your own water bottle to your Fourth of July picnic, use reusable plates and utensils, and shop for supplies with reusable bags! Simple steps like these can help reduce waste and trash that can end up in our waterways.

3.) Dispose of waste properly. If you can’t reuse it, make sure to recycle when possible.

4.) Spend part of your holiday volunteering at a cleanup! Party-goers can leave behind tons of trash, but you can help prevent it from becoming marine debris by joining a local cleanup. Join an effort near you or organize one with friends and family (and track your finds with the Marine Debris Tracker app)!

Have a fun, safe, and clean Fourth of July weekend!

A pile of plastic plugs on a beach.
Don’t leave debris like these plastic plugs behind after your celebration. These plastic plugs come from different types of fireworks, mostly rockets. (Photo Credit: Ellen Anderson)