The 2024 Marine Debris Calendar Is Now Available!

Posted Tue, 11/28/2023 - 10:02

The NOAA Marine Debris Program is proud to announce that our 2024 Marine Debris Calendar is now available for download!

Cover of the 2024 Marine Debris Art Calendar.
Download the 2024 Marine Debris Calendar on our website now! (Cover art by Magdalene F., Grade 8, Florida).

Our annual art contest aims to get students thinking about how marine debris impacts our ocean and Great Lakes, and what they can do to help. This year’s calendar features artwork from 13 students in kindergarten through eighth grade from 10 states, all winners of the “Keep the Sea Free of Debris” art contest. This year’s contest is now open, and entries are due December 15th.

Visit our website to view the winning entries and download and print the 2024 Marine Debris Calendar!