The NOAA Marine Debris Program Awards Funding to 14 New Projects

Posted Wed, 09/28/2022 - 11:00
Plastic bags, fishing traps, buoys, and other debris piled up on a shoreline of Eastern Egg Rock, Maine.
Plastic bags, fishing traps, buoys, and other debris on a New England shoreline (Credit: National Audubon Society Seabird Restoration Program).

Following a highly competitive review process, the NOAA Marine Debris Program is pleased to announce the 14 recipients of our 2022 Removal and Prevention Grant awards totaling nearly $3.7 million in federal funds, including funding provided through the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement Implementation Act. Federal funding is matched by non-federal contributions, bringing the total investment in these marine debris projects to approximately $7.8 million. Marine debris is a pervasive national and global problem that harms wildlife, navigation safety, ecosystem health, and the economy. 

The NOAA Marine Debris Program offers nationwide competitive funding opportunities for projects that improve ecological resources by preventing and removing marine debris. This year, the NOAA Marine Debris Program also provided funding for projects that prevent and remove marine debris in Mexico and the U.S.-Mexico and U.S.-Canada border areas.

These projects will improve habitats and other ecological resources, and help build a foundation of knowledge and resources to change behaviors, raise awareness, and promote the long-term prevention of marine debris. All of the projects also incorporate justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion components, including working with tribal, environmental justice, and fishing communities that traditionally have been underserved due to lack of economic opportunity and language barriers. The NOAA Marine Debris Program is proud to support impactful, community-driven, and cost-effective projects.

This year's funded projects include:


  • Cetacean Action Treasury, Inc. (Mexico, $500,000) 
  • Hawai‘i Pacific University (Hawai‘i, $260,000) 
  • Innerspace Exploration Team (Washington, $215,000) 
  • Mississippi Commercial Fisheries United, Inc. (Mississippi, $324,998)
  • Ocean Plastics Recovery Project (Alaska, $499,995) 
  • U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Planning and Natural Resources (U.S. Virgin Islands, $195,000)


  • Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies (Alaska, $184,168)
  • Clean Water Fund (Multi-state, $200,000) 
  • One Cool Earth (California, $134,178) 
  • Ocean Conservancy (Florida, $361,395) 
  • Parley Foundation (Hawai‘i, $250,000) 
  • Parley Foundation (Mexico, $345,000) 
  • Texas A&M University (Texas, $71,173) 
  • Vermilion Sea Institute (Mexico, $154,301) 

For more information on this year’s funded projects, visit the 2022 Removal and Prevention funding pages on the Marine Debris Program website.